This is a repository for random thoughts and jokes.

Chicago winter

The UFO landing strip


  1. All the wheat in America is genetically identical, because it's all inbred.
  2. Actors tell each other "break a leg" for good luck. Musicians say "harm a knee".
  3. The Hebrews ate horseradish at the first Passover seder in order to clear out their Sinai.
  4. The mathematician Charles Hermite was extraordinarily tough. He once did surgery on his own knee, earning the name "self-joint operator."
  5. Definition: An algorithm is called "recursive" if it induces the user to swear repeatedly at their computer.
  6. The larger the sample size, the more confidence we have in the population average. Therefore, the N's justify the means.
  7. Humans took so long to find their way to North America because they had to get their Bering Strait.
  8. The melting of Arctic permafrost will destabilize important structures, such as Alaskan hospitals, through a mechanism known as Barrow Clinic Instability.
  9. When I finally visit the Bering Strait, Alaska native for advice on choosing a warm set of clothes. Maybe Alpaca sweater.
  10. Society didn't just gradually phase out the Slow Fourier Transform; we quit cool turkey.
  11. There's some fancy French cheese whose name I can't remember...
  12. To study the "Snowball Earth" hypothesis, it helps to use ice-in-tropic coordinates.
  13. My friend and collaborator Robert Webber tells me that Caltech is such a small community, that whenever you walk through campus you're bound to Pasadena.
  14. Discrete probability distributions are much more reliable than continuous distributions. You can always count on their support

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